Time To Break The Prejudgments About Breast Augmentation

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There are many rumors, mistakes, prejudgments about plasic surgeries, mostly breast augmentation in public. Sometimes these prejudgments can be so upfront that nobody considers the medical facts and many people can’t purify themselves from this thought pollution. That makes us not doing what we want, confuses us more and more.

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Jokes on media strengthened the prejudgments about plastic surgeries in public which is already had its prejudgment. Moreover, unfotunately the aesthetic results from wrong doctors were talked when the technology and facilities. Even these prejudgments has recently broken by the incomparable plastic surgery results, there are still some left.

One of the aesthetic fields that looked with prejudgment is breast augmentation operations. The biggest prejudgment is the possibilities of rupturing.

Let’s talk about implants, used in breast augmentation which is as known as silicone in public. These implants can be used in not only breasts but in other parts of our body. It’s very compatible with the body functioning and can stay in patient’s body without any trouble for life. After some time from breast augmentation operation it gets so natural look, even you would forget you had the surgery. Woman with breast augmentation surgery has the freedom as the woman without breast augmentation surgery.

Well, do silicones really rupture?

No, it doesn’t. The implants which are used in breast augmetation must get approval from health department as medical equipment. Moreover, while the procedure, the best brand and kind is selected especially for you. Necessary checks to make your body settle with your body are done before.

It’s just one of the prejudgment about breast augmentation. These implants will provide you the breasts that you’ve always dreamed of, without any side effects and for life. If you are not comfortable with your breasts, want larger breasts, you can leave your prejudgments.

Stay with love.

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  • Berkant kose

    Göğüs büyütme operasyonunda göğüs dokusunun yumuşaklığı aynimi kalır veya sertlesirmi ücreti nnedir bu ameliyatin

    • Op. Dr. Güncel Öztürk

      Göğüs büyütme operasyonu sonrası göğüs yapısına ve silikon yapısına bağlı olarak yumuşaklığı değişkenlik gösterecektir. Maliyet bilgisini asistanımdan detaylı öğrenebilirisiniz,
      İyi dileklerimle

  • deryaakmaca

    ameliyat için yaş sınırı varmı? yaptırıdıktan sonra hamileyken göğüsler büyürmü ? doğum yaptıktan sonra sarkarmı ? bebek emzire bilirmiyim ? fiyat nedir cevap vermenizi bekliyorum teşekkürler

    • Op. Dr. Güncel Öztürk

      Net bir yaş sınırı yoktur fakat 18 yaşını doldurmuş olmalarını öneriyorum. Evet hamilelik ve sonrasında göğüslerde büyüme görülür. Doğum yaptıktan sonra sarkma görülmesi beklenmez,esas sarkma sebebi kilo alıp vermedir. Emzirme döneminden sonra bu operasyonun yapılmasını öneriyorum. Ücret konularını asistanımla görüşebilirsiniz. İyi günler.

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