Many people are discomforted with their big or small breasts because of effecting their body beauty. It may even cause health problems. In strong bodies, breasts should be healthy and aesthetic. Breasts should be proportional with the body sizes. Breasts in Hellenistic and Greek art are aesthetic and artistic. These days the art of mammoplasty takes and shapes big breasts into dinamic, strong and artistic breasts. This also augments small breasts with keep its naturalness. Brings new aesthetic,artistic breasts. Being visually beautiful and aesthetic is up to compatibility of body sizes and natural breast sizes. Shapely body and breasts make people look aesthetic and artistic. In mytology, beauty and aesthetic art are looked in sculptures, size and proportion are applied very carefully and art is came out. High society and important people are using plastic surgery art to look aesthetic and artistic besides artists, designers and models. Therefore they protect their careers by putting forward their always beautiful, aesthetic,healthy, artistic body structure.

meme estetik sanati

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