Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Looseness developed in the back and inner parts of arms due to weight gain and loss, growing old, staying under the sun excessively and gravity. Looseness in the arms becomes more visible when lifting up the arms in sleeveless clothing. Since it will cause a scar at the back of the arm in the cases excluding liposuction procedures, it is recommended for the patients whose deformation and looseness problems are severe.

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Pre-Operative Interview

In the interview, your present complaints and expectations after the operation are primarily evaluated.

When you decide for the operation, my assistant will plan the suitable day for operation.

Preparation for Operation

You should stop taking aspirin and its derivatives one week before the operation. (Do not stop taking the medication you permanently use without consulting your doctor).

It is recommended not to smoke for a while before and after the operation.

Do not put on any makeup, do not use hair gel, wear comfortable clothes and leave your jewels at home before coming to the hospital for operation.

Do not eat or drink anything 6 hours before the operation.

Be present at the hospital about one hour before the operation.

When you come to the room reserved for you, you may be given an oral drug if you want, it will relax you.

Operative Technique

If there is fat accumulation, it can be combined with laser-liposuction or liposuction and body shaping operations.

If there is light-medium skin looseness and/or fat accumulation, correction is performed with an ellipse incision in the armpit.

If there is medium-excess skin looseness and/or fat accumulation, correction is made with a T shape incision in the back and inner parts of the arms.

The scar is not visible from outside.

Type of Anesthesia

General or Local anesthesia.

Duration of Operation

About 1-2 hours.

Recovery Period

Patient can go back home on the same day.

Arms are wrapped in an elastic bandage.

After the operation, color change in this region is normal. These changes go away within about 2 weeks.

You can take a shower and have a flight on the 3rd day of operation.

You should avoid from movements that force the arms for 2 weeks.

You can start your daily activities within a couple of days.

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