Body beauty is handled in a lot of mythologies, the best body aesthetic is achieved in Greek and Hellenistic periods. In the sculptures of many goddesses, aesthetic plastic values was reached to the top. Aesthetic beautiful bodies (Sculptures like Aphrodite, Venus) show us the visuality, perfection and aesthetic rates of human. Today plastic surgeons reshape the human body like a living sculpture and create aesthetic beauty. Human body regain importance like in mythologies. Now people got the chance of aesthetic bodies and started to live happily in society. Modern people reached the plastic values by removing (fat, sagging, cracked skin)or having fillers. Every body is naturally shaped by its own structure. Before operation according to natural body sizes, plastic solutions are done. New aesthetic shape is given to the body. Applying plastic values on a living model is like making sculpture from living model. The difference is, sculptures that sculptor make, are not the living art works but the ones plastic surgeons make are the living art works.

vucut estetik sanati

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