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The most evident effect of aging shows itself on around the eyes. Even if you look around you with energy, changes around your eyes shadows this energy. Your eyes are the most active organ in your body and inclined to show aging. This aging look takes not only around the eyes but the whole face at the same time. Eyes are the mirror of heart, but it’s also it’s the mirror of your age.  Around the eyes

Fortunately it’s possible to defy that now. I can hear some of you are saying “yay aesthetic“. Let’s take a look some more to the procedures that can be done to around the eyes.

Firstly, to remove the aging, first thing to do is interfering crows feet before the lines get deeper. By applying regular botox you can keep away the aging effects from your eyes.

The other sagging problems on upper and lower eyelid need to evaluate in a surgical way. Naturally, aging effect seen only on upper or lower eyelid. In this case, interfering just for the one eyelid would be sensible. But generally two eyelid need to be operated. This surgical operation now done easily, not effecting visual health and leaves non-recognizable scar.

On the other hand eyebrows has a major role to make look young around the eyes. As the time goes on, because of gravity our skin sag and due to that sagging eyebrows drop. With the help of eyebrow lift operation, it’s possible to have eyebrows that can make you look lively.

Our bones start melting and crumpling in years. The most effective side of this crumpling is seen on cheek bones which give us the charming and characteristic face. Cheek bones has an important place in around the eyes and expression. When around the eyes is thought as one, cheek bones is evaluated and depend on the situation filling or implantation can be done.

To get the true youth around your eyes, around the eyes must be thought as one. According to your need, your doctor may suggest one or more operation at once.

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    Serpil dhalluin

    • Op. Dr. Güncel Öztürk

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