kirmadan burun estetigiOne of the most developing technology is the one that gives benefit to rhinoplasty surgeries with video endoscopic micromotor technique…

Bridge of the nose can be taken without using hammer or any other cutting tools in rhinoplasty without fructure.

While bridge of nose is taken, there might have been unwanted fractures because of using cutting tools. With micromotor method, there will be no fructure while operation, so there will be no unwanted fracture or cracks. With video endoscopic support, all nose can be seen very clearly by high resolution camera.

Burun Estetiği

Considering how milimetric changes can make big differences, we can get great results after the operation with 3D camera resolution’s and micromotor’s help.
With video endoscopy supported micromotor technique, during the surgeries there is no need of using  hammer or cutting tools on the nose.  Because of that, it is easier to shape the nose and prevent the unwanted fractures. Edema, bruising and bleeding will be the minimum because of  the least damage.

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