Dinamic Nose Aesthetic ” Dinamic Rhinoplasty”

Formerly, according to nose shape, you could tell if a nose is operated or not because of the still nose tip. Naturally nose moves with gestures of the face, gives ease of movement during sleep. After rhinoplasty operations, nose tips could be still while kissing,smiling, crying or any other gestures.

Many rhinoplasty patients’s complains were not be able to sleep face down, being their nose tip still and hard while cleaning their nose, being uncomfortable while kissing and being recognizable their nose is operated because of those.

With dinamic rhinoplasty, if the structure is suitable, some places of one-third of the nose are protected in order to give nose tip ability to move. In this way your nose tip moves harmoniously with your face muscles while smiling or making any other gestures.

To perform dinamic rhinoplasty, nose tip and cartilage tissue connection need to be analyzed very carefully. Before the operation, patient’s photos taken from 8 different angles and nose tip videos can be taken. How nose tip moves is analysed while talking, smiling or making other gestures. And the new nose designs according to this.

Low nose tip,wideness or size design according to the examination and stitches are done suitable to give ability to move. So your nose tip’s stillness is changed into moving and the closest to the natural. Dinamic rhinoplasty is can be operated with closed technique if your nose structure is suitable.

Technical P.S. : Dinamic rhinoplasty is operated without Scroll and Pitanguy Ligaments support.

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