Overview To Chin Aesthetics

 In Dudak Dolgusu, Yüz Estetiği

Çene EstetiğiEven if it’s left aside from rhinoplasty and lip filler, chin aesthetics has a major importance to the lines that defines our face and takes the topic about chin.

Our chin is one of the most important areas which determines our characteristic look. Chin effects our face’s length, width and also our nose’s stance. Yes, you haven’t heard wrong. Nose and chin aesthetics are two connected important fields.

Chin aesthetics is also personal like other aesthetics.  Is it big or small or angular… It’s really important to profile the chin. Once the porblem about chin is determined, the procedure will be determined after.

There are many kinds of procedures. When chin rasping is very common for the ones who have long chin, for the ones who have weak chin that makes look like there is a jowl, it needs chin implant or fat injection. Doctors may prefer to use patient’s own cartilage and bone instead of implant.

Operation is done with the help of a small cut right under the chin or inside the mouth. Operation takes generally less than an hour and it’s possible to pass recovery time painess and comfortable by doing doctor’s orders. One day with your bandages will be enough.


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  • Neslihan Cagliyan

    Çene estetiği yaptırmak istiyorum bununla ilgili bilgi almak istiyorum özellikle ücreti konusunda şimdiden teşekkür ederim iyi çalışmalar..

  • Op. Dr. Güncel Öztürk

    asistanımdan detaylı bilgi alabilirsiniz, iyi dileklerimle

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