Men Have Botox Too

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Don’t tell anybody but…

Men have botox too.

Look around when you go out. Can you guess how many people have botox? According to the researches most men denies that they have botox treatment. They give the credit to good genes, healthy eating and having good sleep instead of its true owner. Botox in men (3)

20 percent of men who have botox treatment, want to hide this truth from even their wives. So your best friend, boyfriend or husband may have botox and get compliments for his look without you know that he had this treatment.

The unstoppable popularity of this treatment in these last 5 years is the reason of happening millions of botox procedures in a year. Men population has its large place in these numbers. Even plastic surgery is indentified for women, every one of 8 cosmetic procedure is done for men. Being fond of youth and wanting to do everything to protect it is naturally not just for the women. 

The most important reasons of expanding botox popularity between men are the finding job and protecting the job stress in these hard economy days. More charming and younger look are getting more important in business life. This treatment is not only a tool of show, more importantly a booster of self-confidence. That’s why men who had botox look good, feel good, gain self-confidence and get a competition advantage.

Personal reasons also lead men to this treatment alongside the professional reasons. Divorce or after an ending of a long time relationship, men aim to get back to their life with a little help. It shows that it’s a helpful procedure because of importance of improvement of both physical and self-confidence.

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Not only in our contry but in the worldwide situation that shows on men doesn’t seem to last long. Cosmetic procedures are getting more space in our lives and it causes to decrase secret values. However secret or not, we need to point that this treatment is different between men and women. A surgeon who has experience on men should do the procedure with considering muscle mass and muscle fiber.

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