How Many Ways Are There To Place Breast Implants?

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One of the most wondered subject is where and how visible the scar would be. Breast size, shape, sagging rate, skin quality and nipple size effects where would be the cuts but your wishes are important to determine too. So it’s important to know the cut types and features. Breast implants can be placed in four ways:

Breast Fold: The cut under the breast fold provides ease and sensitivity and thats because a lot of surgeon choose this way. The risk of placing breast implants asymmetric is very low. It can be used for saline or silicon implants and implants can be placed on or under the muscles. If you have deep breast fold, it’s hard too see your scar. But when you lie down, look from under or if you have lifted and small breasts, your scar can be seen. In case of repeating the surgery, it can be reused.

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Patients worry that implants will pressure the cut and make bulge around there. However that can’t be happening because cut is smaller than breast implant. Also there aren’t much muscle and nerve tissues around there to harm.

Around areola: The cut will be on the dark area aound the nipple. Unless it’s a breast lift surgery, usually, surgeon will cut only the half of lower areola. In breast lift surgery, cuts can be opened from around the areola to down or both down and side ways. In this case there will be a slim scar from areola to under the breast. 

Silicon implants need larger cuts from saline implants. Cuts around areola provide ease and certainty to your surgeon like cuts under the breast fold. This cut can be used to place saline or silicon breast implants.

The cut around areola is hidden with the dark tissue and can’t be noticed easily. It provides ease in case of repeating the surgery. But a lot of women don’t want to cut this sensitive place. Also it’s known that in the future there may be breastfeeding problems.

Meme implantları (5)Under the arm: It’s the most common way for patients who don’t want any scar on their breasts. The biggest disadvantage is there will be a scar even faded and difficult to notice.

Because the cut is far, it’s hard for your doctor to work and sensitivity of placing the implant can be less. If your doctor is experienced in this cut, cut’s distance won’t be a problem about surgery. Silicon implants need larger cuts.

Belly button: Folded implants can be placed to breasts from the cuts on the belly button. Once the implants are placed, they will filled with saline solution with a tube. When the filling is finished, tube is taken out and stitch up the belly button.

This method can’t be used with silicon implant. There will be no scar around the breasts but it’s hard to place in the right position because of the distance between breasts and cuts. Only the implants placed on the muscle have the risk of dislocation in time. Also if the revision surgery is needed this cut can’t be used again and needs another cut. When it’s come think the risks of displacing the implants, you can say this is not the most preffered way. If you want the belly button cut, we suggest you to choose the specialized surgeons in this.

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Every cut type, gives a chance to create  an area for implant.Only the cut can’t determine where the implant will be placed or if it’s on or under the muscle. Cuts’ only purpose is to reach the implantation area.

We can’t say one cut method is better than the other. Perfect results can be achieved by one of these methods. The best cut method depends on patient’s expectations, physical features and decision between surgeon and patient.

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