Fight Against Aging With The Golden Needle

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One of the aesthetic’s biggest work is to erase aging signs. There are a lot of ways to do it. Even if it’s sometimes possible to prevent the passing years with anti-aging cremes, at some point surgical ways are the only solution. Don’t think a lancet when we say surgery. Now fight against aging is easier.

Altın İğne

Golden needle is an effective technique and makes a big difference as a result.

Non-surgical golden needle technique, is also known as golden frequency. It’s possible to erase aging signs mostly by giving heat under the skin 1000 times with 25 micro needle.

Golden needle technique is applied by numbing with anesthetic creme and it takes 45 minutes. Only side effect is a rash which takes only for a few minutes. There is no side effect seen after the procedure and no need for special care.

After this treatment, there will be opening at the edge of eyebrows, upwards movement around the cheeks and opening on the wrinkles. Healing and repairing starts with the heat. The skin visibly refreshed.

This easy and effortless operation is not a technique that only used for fighting against aging but also used in scar and hair loss treatment. It’s preferred by most doctors and patients because of minimum side effects and doable for people in every age.


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