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Face filler techniques are one of the most wondered subject in plastic surgery. In calsium face fillers, the microspheres that dissolved in hidroksiapatit based dilute carboxymethyl cellulose. The substance which has been used in dental treatment and orthopedics have no damage to health. It is similar to sculptra for inducing production of collagen in the skin. 

What Are The Calsium Face Fillers?

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Sculptra’s results last 1-2 years. Especially succesful for fixing pitted acne scars on forehead and around the nose. It’s a shapable filler and it can be used to fix chin line, gonion and nose shape.

If it’s injected too close to the skin surface, it may make skin look white. In case of injecting in the lips, it tends to gather and make lips look unnatural.

Calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres aren’t allergic and you don’t need to test it before.

Because calcium hydroxyapatite is a natural mineral in bone structure, there will be no side effects if microspheres breaks and absorbed by the body

During the treatment numbing cream also can be applied on skin as well as local anestheisia.

How is the skin care after treatment?

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Side effects are like dermal fillers; in the first few days bruising, swelling and sensitivity can occur. A week later thede effects will pass. Until then you need to cover your skin from direct sunlight. That’s why you need to choose to have this kind of operations in winter rather than summer. Even if you have this in winter, you still need to use sunscreen.

Because it tends to get infection, you need to keep clean your skin until your scars are fully healed.

Even if you notice the change immediately, you can see the full results only a month later. Calsium hydroxyapatite needs some time to induce to thicken your skin and produce collagen.

Your doctor will recommend you the best filler type for your skin and wrinkle type if you consider doing it.

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