8 Surprising Facts About Liposuction

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  1. Liposuction is not for obese people.

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Even if the “Liposuction” is a medical term means fat extraction, it’s not a treatment for weight loss or obesity. Actually for liposuction, a good patient candidate fat rate should be 30% the most. Liposuction takes fat accumulations that can’t be given with exercise or diet. It’s more likely that these fat accumulations depend on genes than life style. To fully make use of liposuction, you should be in form, active and nonsmoker. Before making any decision talk to your doctor about your expectations.

  1. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists can operate liposuction operation.                     Liposuction (1)

Liposuction is done mostly by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. While a plastic surgeon specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, a dermatologist spocializes in skin,hair and nail treatment. However, almost every doctor can serve a liposuction treatment. To get the best results, don’t be too shy to consult to other people or question your doctors education and experience.

  1. Liposuction shreds resistant accumulated fats in your body.

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Your doctor makes small cuts (with a salty water based solution) and injects two different medicine to numb the skin and control the bleeding. This technique called wet technique and avoids over bleeding, swelling and bruising. After injecting this solution, your doctor shreds your accumulated fat by placing an empty tube called cannula from the cuts. With the help of surgical vacuum or syringe in cannula, shreded fat is taken out from body.

  1. Laser helps to shred fat.


Thanks to the improvement in the science, liposuction now can be done with the support of ultrasound and laser. These techniques both liquefy fat and make easier to get the fat from body. So while bruising and swelling is less, healing process shortens. In ultrasound technique fat liquefies with cannula or sound waves but in laser technique, fat liquefies by heating. With laser supported liposuction the number of treated areas can be increased in one operation.

  1. It may take several months to meet your new look.

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Even the before and after photos show very good results, these results can’t get suddenly. After operation to reduce the swelling you may need to wear a elastic bandage or compression dress for days or weeks. Your doctor may apply lymph drainage to help you take out the excess liquid from the body. To see the certain results you need to wait for couple of weeks or months. Also, if you gain weight after operation, new fat may accumulate in new or unpredictable areas.

  1. Liposuction has little risks like all the other surgeries.


Liposuction is a surgical operation even if it is operated by an experienced surgeon or dermatologist. To know the all risks and complications you need to consult to your doctor. Bleeding, infection, bruising, color change on skin and numbness are some of known risks.

  1. You can benefit from the convenience of paying for operation.

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Before making any decision you can calculate how much liposuction will cost you. Cosmetic operations are not usually in insurance coverage. However, most of the surgeons will provide ease of payment for you. Even so patients pay for the usage of hospital, clinic, medicine,anesthesia and the treatment inc ase of complications. To know all possible cost and to set a price you should talk to your doctor.

  1. Fat cells can be helpful to fight with the diseases.

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Liposuction can can take all the fat from head to toe, including neck,breast, abdomen, hips, arm and legs. However recently there are some proofs that some fats are useful for the body. Some fat cells that taken by liposuction can be a great source for a stem cell called mesenchymal. It can join the structure of bone and muscle. It’s found in some research that fat stem cells can help people with diabetes, heart and neurological diseases. How too much fat is unhealthy, too less fat is unhealthy as well. Therefore, when you get this treatment, try not to go under necessary fat rate.

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